Perinatal Education

Perinatal: The time encompassing pregnancy, delivery, and 1 year postpartum.

Don't be caught unprepared

Is it normal to experience some hair loss in the fourth trimester? What are some ways your partner could physically or emotionally support you in labour? Learn about these topics and many more in our classes.

Our perinatal education classes cover late stage pregnancy, signs and stages of labour, comfort measures in labour, and interventions. We also cover newborn care basics and caring for yourself and your partner postpartum, including physical care after delivery, and learning about postpartum mood disorders and warning signs.

All registrations include the mother, and one support person.

Weekly Classes for 4 weeks

Group classes: $100/couple

Minimum 4 couples to run course

Dates: TBA

Location: TBD, looking for a location on the south side of Edmonton

One Day Intensive

One full day: $100/couple

Same content, but in one jam-packed day. Easier to fit into your schedule, but a lot more to take in at once. (6hrs total)

Minimum 4 couples to run course

Dates and locations: TBA

Private Classes

Same content, but just you and your partner in the comfort of your own home. Can be weekly or a single day course, or whatever scheduling works for you best. (6hrs total)


Willing to travel, mileage fees may apply

Private Group Classes

Have some friends expecting at the same time? Host a private class in your own home. Best part - if you have three other people sign up, your registration is half price! Can be a weekly class format of four 1.5 hour classes, or a one 6 hour day intensive.

$150 per registration

$75 for the host with 3 other registrations